Kongo is not a normal tourist destination.

Of all the countries of Africa, Congo is closest to "Tarzan's Africa ." You can very easily imagine him swinging on a vine
right in front of you as you travel through this country, visited more by adventurers than tourists.  
No one goes there to rest and sit in a chair for a couple of weeks. Congo is an experience and asks for active people who - with all respect for nature and local culture - like to learn, observe and have no objection against social contact. People who are not afraid to taste local fruit and food, not afraid to walk in the mud and accept to travel in a country without cold beer or cola. If you really need *****lodges, whisky on the rocks and your 20-channels television, please go somewhere else.
Congo River Expedition 2012 GO CONGO :
Friday 10 august - Saturday 25 august : Mbandaka-Lisala : 16 days
Wednesday 22 august - Thursday 6 september : Lisala - Kisangani : 16 days
Sunday 9 September - Sunday 30 september : Kisangani - Mbandaka: 22 days
Friday 10 august - Thursday 6 september : Mbandaka - Kisangani : 28 days
For 2013 :  
Friday 06 september - Thursday 3 october : Kisangani - Kinshasa : 27 days : Please contact Wildfrontiers : http://www.wildfrontiers.co.uk/world-regions/sub-saharan-africa/congo
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